Customer’s Vocal Endorsements

We have been delivering impactable products and services on artificial intelligence. data engineering, finance, analytics, training and talent development to every business function. We work closely with senior executives as well as technical developers.

We Are Empowered by More Than Three Hundred Thousand (300,000) Global Learners

Chad Graham
Senior Vice President
US Vision

“…Great content and a down to earth approach to getting started…”

Michael Derrenbacher

“…Informative technical presentation showcasing impressive visualizations between data relationships and interactions…”

Our Recent Accomplishments

“...Ultimately, the Artificial Intelligence workshop gave the kids a new vision about their future as adult leaders and productive citizens with AI in the center of a new digital era...”

Fiona Ma
State Treasurer
California Treasurer's Office

"...Thank you for your excellent AI session on Friday- You did an excellent job...I would also like to thank you for a great presentation. You truly know AI"

Dr. Wendy Norfleet, Ph.D.
United States Department of Defense

“Great AI presentation I
thoroughly enjoyed it....”

Walid Tarabih
Prime Ministers Office - UAE

DeepSphere.AI recognizes the importance of cultivating future leaders from diverse backgrounds with global perspectives.

Pre-built Industry Solutions For Learning, Research and Innovation

Talent Transformation and Job Creation Accomplishments

The Digital Oil Filed
Our Packaged IoT Solution for Upstream, Midstream & Downstream Functions

SAP Labs Talent Transformation

The Digital Oil Filed
Our Pre-built Enterprise Analytics Solution for Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Operational Performance

TCS Talent Transformation

The Digital Energy
Our Packaged Grid Solution for Meter to Cash

The Digital Consumer
Our Packaged Market Basket Analytics for Target Marketing

HCL Talent Transformation

The Digital Health
Our Ready-to-go Behavioral Health Solution for Value Based Care Delivery

Talent Transformation and Upskilling

The Digital Government
Our Digital Platform Delivers Information to the Public Anytime and Anywhere

Capgemini Talent Transformation

The Digital Automotive
Our Packed Enterprise Analytics for Parts Forecasting and Workload Insights

Talent Transformation and Upskilling

The Digital Telecom
Our Customer IoT Analytics Enables Consistent Customer Experience Across Customer Touch Points

TCS Talent Transformation

Remote Asset Monitoring
Our Industrial IoT (IIoT) Analytics Enables Remote Monitoring

Wipro Labs Talent Transformation

Industrial IoT (IIoT)
Our Connected Analytics Integrates Machine Data with Enterprise Processes Data and Systems

Talent Transformation and Upskilling

Value Based Care Delivery
Our Pre-built Predictive Analytics Predicts Patient Health and Financial Risk

  • Health Risk Prediction
  • Financial Risk Prediction
  • Pay for Performance
  • Readmission
  • Claims
  • Compliance
  • Pharmacy
  • Encounter Analytics
  • Patient Services
  • Case Management
  • Disease Management

TCS Talent Transformation

Machine Learning
Our Pre-built Machine Learning Solutions Goes Beyond Concepts and Uses Cases - We Solve Enterprise Problems

Wipro Labs Talent Transformation

Industrial IoT (IIoT) Analytics - Real-time Inventory
Share Real-time Inventory Levels with Suppliers and Customers- Target Stocking Level, Order Fill Rate and Safety Stock

  • Customer Demand Prediction
  • Inventory and Production Forecast
  • Purchase Levels
  • Forecasting Demand
  • Working Capital
  • Profitability
  • Physical and Virtual Inventory Assets
  • Inventory Movements
  • Remote Monitoring and Tracking Inventory

Wipro Labs Talent Transformation

The Digital Retail
Our Pre-built Analytics Delivers Instant Insights Using In-memory Technology

  • Omni Channel
  • Market Basket
  • Customer Spend Prediction
  • Brand Analytics
  • Target Marketing
  • Inventory

Talent Transformation and Upskilling

Advanced Analytics - Energy Insights
Our Packaged Analytics Provides Deeper Insights to Every Energy Functions

  • Financial Forecasting
  • Billed and Unbilled Amount Forecasting
  • Power Quality Analytics
  • Power Factor Analytics
  • Reliability & Demand Response Forecast
  • Outage Prediction
  • Load Profile Prediction
  • Energy Usage Forecast
  • Diversion
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Line Loss Prediction
  • Transformer Load Management
  • Vegetation Analytics

Wipro Labs Talent Transformation