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Our Industry Collaboration with C Levels and Executives

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Kashual Ramesh

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Amador Valley High School,California,USA

Mythri Muralikrishnan

Student Intern of DeepSphere.AI
The Millennium School,Dubai

Sri Sai Tarun

Student Intern of DeepSphere.AI

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Jothi ...I couldn't thank you enough for your help in transitioning me in to EPM world. I should have sent this mail a while ago but the kind of opportunities you provided kept me busy from day one and enabled me to work shoulder to shoulder with BPC Industry leaders, at par with them. I am approached by 3 of Big 4 firms with offers but with the confidence from your teachings I am being a freelance BPC Solutions Architect. I floated my profile first time after 10 years, right after your training and your help and endorsements gave a big boost to my search and landed me with a great opportunity with one of Big 4. Till date they are after me to join them.

As an SAP industry veteran I can confidently say that DeepSphere is MIT in the EPM learning world. Jothi is unparalleled with his subject knowledge and his level of dedication and commitment to his students is unheard of. With enough efforts, anyone can shine in his guidance and the learning environment he provides is not found elsewhere. To anyone looking for a place to learn SAP BPC, DeepSphere should be your first choice without hesitation. This endorsement is coming from my firsthand experience after seeing other alternatives including SAP America training courses...
Anand Thota
SAP BPC Solutions Architect
SAP BPC NW Certified Consultant
...Thank you for your email Mr Jothi and is really so nice of you to encourage your students......., I have taken many courses but the experience with DeepSphere is totally different, it is the best so far..... One more question Mr Jothi , I am just trying to understand the Business Process System in Healthcare Industry may be the best practise,if you have anything pls... let me know even if it is hyperion will suffice...
Sreenivas Nair
SAP EPM/BPC Consultant
Healthcare Company - Australia
I have yet to meet a knowledgeable BPC instructor like Jothi. With his training, you will hit the road right from get go on a BPC project. I have been through three SAP BPC courses (5.1& 7.0) before I attending Jothi's training on BPC 7.5 NW/MS. Right from the first training session, it became very clear to me Jothi has a lot of hands on experience, and in depth knowledge, whether it is BPC MS/NW technical/ Functional areas, BI, BI-IP, SEM-BPS, ECC, ABAP, MS SQL, or script writing. Jothi has demonstrated, time-and-time again, he is always willing to share his knowledge. Unlike other trainers, Jothi had demonstrated professionalism by 'literally' holding hands of his students long after they complete his course.

DeepSphere, stands out in the SAP training world, because of Jothi's excellent instructions and in-depth knowledge. He always remembers minute points about all of his students and reinforces, with proper instructions, by focusing, on sometimes very complex subjects like consolidation, Allocation, etc. He makes the difficult subject seem so easy with his expert instruction. He prepares PowerPoint slides as he explains which makes it easy to follow him. During the training, he keeps repeating the instructions a couple of times so that students can follow him. Throughout the training, Jothi will constantly remind you that more you put in, the more you will benefit from his instructions. Please follow his advise.

I look forward to associate myself with Jothi, in some sort of working capacity, in the future. Great job Jothi... Keep up the good work!
Suresh Mehta
Sparta Consulting, Inc.
Dear *****,
I am very happy to inform you that I got a job offer from IBM (end client is J&J) as a BPC Developer (7.5 MS). I had 3 interviews in the last 10 days and got an offer from BHP Billiton (3months project) and IBM (6+) and I have chosen IBM
When I first talked to you on phone I remember these 3 things you said to me
  • Spare 3to4months of time for preparation
  • Go for certification at the end of training and
  • Said there will be a lot of openings in Jan
I worked really hard and everything went as expected by god's grace and got the result. Feeling really very happy ***** :)!!!
Siddhartha Mandalika
SAP BPC NW Consultant
IBM Global Services
*****...I'm pleased to inform you that I have got an opportunity as SAP BPC/EPM Solution Architect for a Global Retail Organization. I'm indeed thankful to you for your sincere and persistent encouragement. In my current Assignment I'm working on to understand their current EPM Landscape and propose a High Available and fault tolerant solution for their both planning and Consolidation needs.
Suresh Chandra
SAP EPM/BPC- Solutions Architect
E-mail: nakkasuresh@gmail.com
***** ...I am once again speechless after atending another great session with you. You have a real way to communicate and art of delivering and sharing knowledge, which I rarely encountered. My whole day and week remain energetic after spending a session with you. Suddenly I start to feel more productive!!Looking forward to actions, which is going to follow in coming weeks..
Gabeesh Mishra
Principal Leader - SAP BOBJ/BI/BPC
Computer Science Corporation
I was very much interested in building my SAP skills on Planning and Consolidation area. Jothi gave me an opportunity and he explained the BPC product in such a simplistic manner, it created interest in me to learn the product. His teaching skills are excellent. He has helped me build my career from SAP FI/CO consultant to SAP EPM consultant.
Gautam Jain,
CA  (Charted Accountant)
Senior SAP FICO/EPM/BPC Solutions Architect
Wipro Technologies
...Thanks a LOT Jothi. It has been a wonderful journey. I enjoyed every bit of it. I have no Words to say how valuable your teaching was in this journey. It was so detailed that I was able to absorb most of the concepts. Besides all great content that you delivered in the class, my personal take from your classes were your DEDICATION and COMMITMENT.

During the Classes I was always thinking, when a teacher can show this level of Commitment, I should do my part to make justice to it. That was the Driving factor that kept me pushing all the way. You reminded me of my school days. I will put together all the info that I have to share it with our friends. Mean while they can point to Senthil's blog. It has lot of information.


Taking this opportunity I also want to show my gratitude to Senthil for helping the community in a broader way. He is one of my role model. My journey has just begun, looking forward for all challenges...
Technical Lead/Architect
...Jothi, I would like to let you know, I just passed my BPC 7.5 certification exam today. Thanks for all you help and guidance to achieve BPC 7.5 certification.
Sreehari Reddy
SAP FICO/BW Consultant
...Thanks for sharing these accomplishments. These are really encouraging and giving confidence to me. I am going to give my BEST. Thanks for sharing......In my career I took so many trainings but never came across the one you have here. It is amazing how you are helping these people not just train but an end to end solution as long as they are willing to put their effort. I am so happy to get an opportunity to work with you. This training is truly not just training but a "path to success".
Project Manager
Federal Government
...Jothi, I am excited to tell you that I am starting a BPC Consolidation Project in Calgary on Monday. Thank you very much for everything. I greatly appreciate all your help and need more.
Bala Erampamoorthy,
SAP FICO/EPM Solutions Architect
...Jothi, Thanks for all your efforts in the past few days and I really appreciate it. I just wanted to inform you that I got an Offer with IBM yesterday as an SAP EPM/BI Consultant for a start date in couple of weeks. My BOBJ and BPC skills will pay off with this company because that was the main driver for moving me along in the interview process to the offer stage as they have a very growing and strong EPM practice. With the tremendous amount of information from your class I know I will succeed in this my new level of achievement. The sky is the limit and please keep me informed of any new developments and update regarding skills updated and the future of the technology.
Timi Jones
SAP EPM/BI Solutions Architect
*****has been my SAP EPM mentor for about 4 years now. His trainings helped me transform as an EPM consultant. His commitment to teaching is amazing. He is very approachable and his prompt responses surprise me. I am sure there will be lot more contributions coming from Jothi to the EPM world
Manoj Kothuri
SAP BI/BPC/BOBJ Consultant
Financial Services Compnay
Thank you very much Jothi !!...I  am currently with SAP (IS retail project ) at Muskat, Oman. This project will end by Sept'11. I am expected to join the new BPC implementation project at Tanzania in OCT'11. ECC implementation is in progress there currently. I will surely inform you once the project date finalized and take your good wishes. I would certainly need your help in the project...
CA (Charted Accountant )
SAP India Limited
SAP FICO/EPM Solutions Lead
Jothi ...I have got a position through my employer with Deloitte in SAP BI-BPC.  The job is at Woodland Hills,CA near to my home.  I have decided to go with this position.  Thanks for all your help. Call you later...
Elango Bala
SAP EPM/BI/EIM Consultant
…Jothi:  I want to thank you sincerely, for the kind of knowledge you have imparted to all of us.  To tell you the truth, I was little concernced about the consolidation area coverage. You have covered upto this point so well. I do not think any one out there could do this much justice to the subject matter.”

Thank you so much Jothi.

You are great.
Bala Erampamoorthy
SAP FICO Solutions Architect/ Accountant
...Jothi...I appeared for the exam and I have passed the SAP BPC NW 7.5 Certification exam. Thanks to you who helped me reach at this stage. Thank you for all the efforts and documents provided by you...
Gautam Jain,
CA (Charted Accountant)
SAP FICO/EPM Solutions Architect- Wipro
Jothi...Amazing class today, Today's hands on SAP BPC NW 7.5 class is amazing, lots of work for us this week. Can't tell how good I felt watching your step by step instructions! As usual I request you to provide me the links and notes so that I can spend my Saturday late evening and whole Sunday going through the session....
SAP EPM/BPC Project Manager
InfoSys /Kraft Foods SAP Impersonation
…Jothi, With help of your fantastic and excellent teaching I've completed my BPC NW 7.5 certification yesterday. I have also managed to get an interview lined up with Fujitsu next week, I'll let you know how I go. As I did mention earlier the market is very very small here for BPC, and finding an opportunity is very tough for BPC fresher. Once again I thank you and really appreciate the quality of your teaching and guidance. We'll keep in touch

Certification Tips
  • I've gone through your class notes and listened the recorded sessions couple of times, as this gave me very clear understanding of proceses and configuration.
  • Then I had started playing around the system as per class notes.
  • Started reviewing SAP matarial for exam and practice the exercise given in it, also gone through multiple choice given in material and quiz given in the class.

I think just theory knowledge is not sufficient, one has to be hands on with system to clear the exam.

Samir Lalani,
SAP FICO Consultant & Accountant
Jothi...I got into a project this week and need to present a kick off meeting tomorrow for BPC budget system implementation.I need a favor, do you have any presentation material/screenshots of BPC main functionality that you can share. I do not need sales presentations if you dont have it but anything that explains with screenshots like how a report, data manager and stuff looks like would definetly help.Look forward to your email.
Veeru Kankatala
SAP EPM Solutions Architect
Jothi...Hope you are doing great!, Just to let you know, I got an offer from Fujitsu Consulting India as a Senior SAP Consultant-BPC in Pune. I would like to THANK you for the guidance, help and support till date. Your inspirational emails always boosts the spirit and enhances the morale of an individual. Now I can definitely say that choosing a Mentor(Guru) to you was the correct decision.
Swapnil Jagatap
SAP BOCJ/BPC Solutions Consultant
Fujitsu Consulting
...Thank you Jothi... I had cleared the SAP BPC NW 7.5 Certification. I had simply followed the class and spent time on the system what I have learnt in the system. Hands on helped me. Questions in the exam were not local to one area. Like a question in dimension properties was referring to business rules. Having familiarity is not sufficient - need understanding specially business rules and how dimension properties work in business rules. This is my learning from my experience. My study partner and I spent 2 hrs every day since the class started for this certification as directed by you in our first phone call before joining training.“

Hope this helps.

Thanks & Regards,
Siva Namuduri
BI/EIM Solutions Architect
SAP BPC NW 7.5 Certified Application Associate
Jothi,I am watching the video and REALLY enjoying the classes. You are really a great teacher and you explain things so well. When I go to the Documentation to read, everything in the books you have already explained in great detail. I was very intimidated at first because I am a pure "techie" but now I am getting more and more comfortable."

Loving the class.

Masara Gumiro
SAP EPM Solutions Architect
US Army
...I am happy to share with you that I accepted a full time opportunity with Cyber Technology as a BPC Lead consultant, and want to take this opportunity to thank you for ALL you have done for me. From the first day, you guided me to the right path. My dear friend you are the Best. God Bless you and your family. Also, I appreciate your ongoing help and support. If possible, do mail me contact informations of Kris, Lan, Manoj and other class mates (only if it is O.K by them and afcourse you). It is great feeling to belong to a team - a team taught my the BEST-Jothi Periasamy. It would be a great resource to look towards when one comes into live situations in BPC...

Syed Asif Said
SAP EPM/BPC Lead Consultant
Cyber Technology
202 Mayerling Dr
Houston, TX 77024
Cell: 713 978-7847
Alt: 713-931-0135
Email: said.asif@gmail.com
Jothi...How are you. Just to update you that i've completed the SAP BPC NW 7.5 certification exam today. one step closer to my goal. Thanks for the coaching and motivation. I'll call you tomorrow...
Enterprise Solutions Architect
Jothi, ...I am happy to share the news that I passed BPC NW 7.5 certification. I Would like to thank you for all your help and support.
SAP EPM/BPC Consultant
Thank you so much Jothi for helping me to achieve this major milestone towards my career shift project. I passed the exam today with 75% score. I am really excited to face new challenges in SAP world. Tons of Thanks to you Jothi...
SAP EPM/BPC Consultant / PM
Content and presentation by Jothi is consistently high quality and engaging".Most importantly, each session provided real time examples and levied strong foundation towards building indepth understanding of business scenarios and enabling to understand and design the requirements.I feel that all the techniques used, the methods, the videos/powerpoint were extremely good. At no point did I feel that the training was "long" or "dragging on". Even after breaks/long sessions, I felt that there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm. It is great to have BPC expert professional like Jothi with so much energy and Experience. I felt challenged and consistently drawn into the exercises and presentations had my full attention due to the way in which they were conducted. Thanks a lot. Also I feel Jothi is not only creating trained professionals but creating a competency of techno- functional experts.
SAP EPM Expert / Project Lead - Accenture
Reading, United Kingdom
...I just joined the course to learn the tool. But after completing the course , I realized that instead of learning tool, I learned trend. Your guidance and training is excellent. I see you more as a visionary. You teach the trend rather than subject. My accomplishment:- We recently upgraded to EPM 10 and moving towards upgrading EPM on HANA by end of third quarter. As you always say learn business not just the tool - --- This is 100% correct!!!! ...
SAP EPM/HANA Solution Architect.
Analytics and Information Management Group.
...I passed SAP BO Enterprise XI. I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for motivating and help pass the exam. The exam is challenging. I will send an email with exam questions and details. It is difficult to express in words the amount of time you spent motivating me and help achieve my professional goals. I cannot thank you enough...
SAP BI/BO Solution Architect.
BI and Enterprise Information Management Practice
Jothi...I wanted to let you know that I have passed the BPC 7.5 certification today.  Thank you very much for your help and teaching the way it makes simple to understand the concepts and to achieve this success.Below are the tips and questions regarding the certification."

Tips provided from the previous certified consultants (Devi,  Vijay Bhaskar, Elango and others - these are very detailed tips, I don't want to reiterate them again).

The best tip for all is to follow your class carefully. I used to review class notes regularly so that I remember what you explained in the class.

I studied and practiced on average 2 hours day from the time I started attending training.
IBM Global Services
SAP EPM Solutions Architect
...Jothi, I accepted a Team lead position in Testing at Wells Fargo, St.Louis, MO. Tomorrow is my first day. Also, I will keep you posted my progress in BPC area and I'm always Thankful to you for extending your hand towards me ...
SAP EPM/BPC Consultant
Jothi...I have taken a new position with Sogeti as Manager for one of their clients, MedAssets...
SAP EPM/BPC Consultant
Hi Jothi...I appeared for SAP BPC NetWeaver 7.5 certification exam today and passed. Just wanted to share it with you.Thanks for the great training, support and encouraging mails.
Vijay Bhsakar
SAP EP & PI Solutions Architect
*****As we have discussed earlier that I was selected by three companies finally I choose one client in California because of location and job expectations. I am really thankful to you for all your support you have given to me not only in class but after hours in my studies. I had made absolutely right decision to start my SAP BPC training with you and believe it or not, I just had reviewed your class notes and listened to your lectures over and over. It really helped me in preparing for the interview. Rest is you know about my background, I was totally new to SAP. But because of your support and my Brother-in-Law's encouragement I finally got succeed to get a job in SAP - BPC. I still remember the golden words spoken by you and power booster for me, when we met second time in Chicago was "Nothing comes easily, hard work is the only key to Success". So still for me Journey doesn't end here...
Chintan Shah
SAP BPC/BOBJ Consultant
Oil & Gas Company
...The instructors effective communications and presentation skills provided me with the confidence to understand the proper use of BPC in my new role as BPC Architect. His genuine interest and concerns for adaptation to each student level in addition to his experience and understanding enabled proactive class participation conducive to learning. This was extremely helpful for those of us with no SAP background. If you want a thorough introduction to Business Planning and Consolidation at the project level with a wealth of real world experience solving problems, then DeepSphere should be your choice....

Exceeded my expectations!
Jewel Mason
Managing Consultant - SAP EPM/BI
IBM Global Services
Kraft SAP Implementation
...When I was looking for BPC training, I found a lot of overseas trainers with no US based experience. With Jothi/DeepSphere, I got not only BPC training, but also a Career coach who will be there throughout the whole job searching process as well. His experience as a current US based consultant added tremendous value to the whole process!
Zalak T
SAP Consultant - BI & BOBJ
Carestream Health
...Thanks for all the guidance and training effort in my SAP EPM/BPC learning. As you know after my absence due to work in Singapore and Canada I was able to attend classes intermittently ...You had allowed me access to recent training sessions , Thanks a lot !..
Atul Bhatnagar,
Charted Accountant (CA)
SAP FICO Solutions Architect / Manager
Hitachi Consulting
...I am happy to inform you that I got 2 offers so far, one from TCS and other one is from Yash Technologies and also selected for Wipro and Accenture. I have also cleared technical rounds in 2 other companies. I would like to thank you for all your support and encouragement given to me. As you used to tell repeatedly while teaching the classes I still remember that "Nothing comes easily, hard work only result in success. I strongly believed in it and the results are evident today...
Smitha Sunkavalli
SAP EPM(BPC,BOBJ &BI) Consultant
TCS-Tata Consultancy Services
*****, We should congratulate you!!!, I know how proud you feel after looking at the placements. Really I'm very happy to get trained by you and I feel and infact sure that this is one of the good decision I made in my life. Thanks very much! And sure that I will also get one
Ravi SK
SAP EPM(BPC,BOBJ &BI) Solutions Architect
BumbleBee Foods LLC.
...This BPC training is unique and sets itself apart from the pack because not only you will learn the tool usage but the functional aspect of it which is the most important thing and it is a must have to break-the ice in BPC world. I am particularly thankful to the instructor who is very thorough, professional and his no BS straight to the point approach...
David Kazi
SAP EPM/BPC Solutions Architect
Hi-Tech Company
... I am really thankful for the opportunity to experience your SAP BPC course, and for giving me tremendous knowledge in SAP. I found this course Informative, practical and it gave me quick insight in how the SAP BPC works. Questions by email on the course are replied very quickly, and the course is very structured and SAP BPC Certification oriented. I would definitely recommend Jothi's course to my other colleagues! ...
Dinesh Mendu
Sr.SAP EPM/BI/BPC Consultant
Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
....Thank you for the offering us the depth understanding the script logic class, it was depth and solid. Awesome class - deep dive in script logic is great...
Vijay Ramachandran
SAP EPM (BI,BPC, BOBJ) Solutions Architect
*****, it is with great pleasure to inform you that I have accepted an offer from Bristlecone as a Principal for SAP FICO/BPC. Just reviewing your class notes Prepared me for the BPC session of my technical screening, and during the Face-2-face interview, I was able to remember all that should be included in The BDD from the class notes of May 9, 2010 in a sequential order from Application Set all the way to Reports and Work Status, your training delivery and real-time implementation on planning and consolidation invaluable!"

My most sincere and hearty thanks to you for your diligent teachings. TheClass is not even over yet!!!!
Igbelokotor Onoabhagbe, CPA
Senior Manager - SAP Practice
*****,...I wanted to let you know that I got an offer from Wipro to join them as BPC consultant in Syracuse, NY. I also want to thank you for all the support and recommendation. I would say that getting trained from you was one of the best decision of my career. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone who is looking forward to get trained in BPC. Thank you so much for your help. I would strongly recommend that one should go through your training sessions as much as possible and are more then enough to get a break in BPC world. Also, here are the list of questions I was asked in the interview.”
  • What BPC projects have you worked on and what was your role? (dont go into too much of detail :))
  • why do you need currency conversion and how does it work?
  • how does Inter Company elimination?
  • Tcode for sending transport?
  • Difference between EVGET and EVGTS, EVSND and EVSEN, what is EVHOT?
  • How do you create input schedule and whats the mandate when you send data
  • How do you create Input Schedule and EVDRE report in same worksheet?
  • What are the different types of script logic in BPC?
  • How do you call BADI in BPC? have you created any BADI's?
  • what is nested evdre?
  • Different ways to transfer data from one application to another?
  • Difference between Legal and Managerial consolidation?
Thanks for your help,
SAP EPM (BI/BOBJ/BPC) Consultant
National Grid

SAP BPC NW 7.5 Application Associate Certification Tips and Techniques:

  • if you are from technical background, make sure to read and understand the BPC Terminology, that Jothi might have sent Excel Spread sheet before starting the training. The terms like Equity, Minority Interest etc. There are loads of information available on internet. Understanding these terms will make the life easier.
  • Follow Jothi's classes till the end. I recommend to start preparation only after the training is completed.
  • The bottom line is if you follow Jothi's classes and homework, it will be easy to clear the exam and to survive on the projects as most of the his course content relates to real time projects.

The Exam is organized as follows for me. I am not sure if it changes from exam to exam.

Additional Topics: 8
Administration: 12
Applications: 10
BPFs: 4
Business Rules: 10
Data Management: 10
Dimensions: 6
Logic and Schedules: 10
Schedules and Reports: 10

Feel free to call me on 484 919 9981 if you need any further information.
Vijay Bhsakar
I would like to take this opportunity to thank ***** without whom I would not be what I am today professionally...
Ali Khan
Software Testing Engineer
***** .....My new job is going very well, and all I learnt in your class is coming in very handy. I took your advice and worked a lot harder on practicing the Labs and that is paying off now.
Financial Analyst
SAP BPC Consultant
London, UK
***** ...I am glad to have chosen DeepSphere for BPC Training. Within 2 months of taking the training I got 2 offers even though I have applied to 3 positions only. I will recommend you for BPC training over any body else for the following reasons
  • The material you cover is excellent and you have solid infrastructure for conference , servers, file sharing, etc
  • You spend lot more time than anybody else. As an example if a class goes longer you simply increased one more session instead of cutting somewhere else
  • You are an expert in BPC with lot of real world projects and that comes through in the class. Usually people like you don't train and the trainers generally lack your experience
  • You were generous in sending out all the job leads both contract and permanent and I was amazed that you don't take any cut (I know personally because I have grabbed one such contract opportunity with attractive $$)

Ultimately I feel that unlike training companies which look at this as a transaction you have a broader goal - which is to help somebody find a job in the BPC world. Even though you may not have said so I felt that way in every interaction and I am grateful for what you have done and continuing to do.

So prospective trainees, stop looking and take the jump with DeepSphere confidently. I can assure you ***** will hard for you and if you do your part you should have no problem in finding and keeping an opportunity.

John Mcleod
SAPBPC Solutions Architect
Top "5" Management Consulting Firm
***** ...now I am the managing consultant at HCL. Let me know if you have some people who are capable to contributing and working hard (with good communication skills). No one expects them to know everything as long as they are ready to slog it out.

*****...Thank you for showing me the way and be there for me whenever I needed your help. It means a lot to me. It took time for me to change course and it would not have been possible without you and your help.
Jaideep Chatterjee
SAP EPM/BI/BPC/BOBJ Managing Consultant
HCL Axon
*****...I am very happy to inform you that, I was selected as a Senior BPC Consultant.

The Interviewer (Co-founder of the company) took more than an hour and he was happy with my technical skills. This is the first job I applied in BPC.  All the credit goes to you and you only. Thanks a lot for your detailed lectures on practical implementation and especially the functional knowledge (Consolidation, Planning) you taught was invaluable.

Nobody in the world can teach BPC the way you taught us. The interviewer was very much impressed with my functional knowledge. He is been in the industry for more than 25years. Again this is just because of your in-depth sessions on each topic. You are the GURU of BPC and I am very fortunate that I found you. Once again thanks a lot for all the work you did for us.
Prabhakar Mettu
Senior SAP BPC Consultant 
ESA (Electrical Safety Authority)
*****…It is with a great pleasure to inform you that I have accepted an offer from Americold Logistics as a SAP BPC consultant in Atlanta. I am really thankful to you for all your support you have given to me not only in class but after hours in my studies and job search.

I had made absolutely right decision to start my SAP BPC training with you and believe it or not, I just had reviewed your class notes and listened to your lectures over and over. It really helped me in preparing for the interview, and I was able to land this great opportunity after two interviews. My most sincere and hearty thanks to you for your diligent teachings and your support after the class hours as well.
SAP BPC Consultant
Americold Logistics
Thanks a lot for all your help and whole hearted support for BPC Training and Interview preparation. I remember you have always responded very positively when I needed your help any time any day. I am currently working at Lexmark. I had 2-3 other offers in hand with tier-1 vendors before I opted for Lexmark.

Let me see how it goes. I think it is just first step but there are many challenges in real time, I have heard about SAP BPC (NW) product. I assume, still I will be your student for a while to prosper in BPC career specially while handling project issues.

I honor you with "***** the BPC Guru".
Atul Sood
SAP BPC/BI/BOBJ Solutions Architect
... Joining *****/DeepSphere SAP Training is the best investment I've made in a long time.DeepSphere training helped me to participate a successful SAP implementation project in my last 7  years...!!

I am very impressed to say that it helped me in my career .I am so thankful to you ***** for guiding me towards my recent success and reference help
Satish kotian
SAP BPC/BI Consultant
Waters Corporation
I was an interning at Colgate - Palmolive ... after talking to ***** and decided to attend his demo session offered by DeepSphere. I was blown away by the amount of subject clarity he had and how he was able to break complex concepts into simple ones that someone like me who had just about 4 months of exposure to SAP was able to grasp it with ease. I then got an internship at Daiichi Sankyo and came to know that there were about to implement BPC NW 7.5. Thanks to his relentless teaching effort, I was so confident and comfortable with this tool that I went expressed my interest in being involved with this project to our Senior Manager.

They were really glad to have me right from day one because of my willingness to contribute and learn at the same time, something that I personally learnt from ***** as a person. His best part is that he is always reachable and available no matter what. His response time has always been less than 24 hours and if he is not sure, he will do the research and get the answer for you. If I have to summarize his teaching in two words it would be 'Total Commitment' . I have recommended and will always recommend anyone who would want to pursue a career in SAP BPC to reach out to ***** since for me he is the best available out there. One definitely gets much more that what one pays for his training. You can reach me at sai.adibhatla@gmail.com for a reference.
Sai Adibhatla
Interning-Colgate & Palmolive - SAP ABAP
Daiichi Sankyo
SAP BPC Consultant
...Thanks for being one of my references for all the phone calls/emails that you received. I would like to share a good news that I have got a contracting position with responsibilities of SAP BI CRM/SD reporting and Integration testing. It would not have been possible with your wholehearted support!
Seema Saini
SAP BI/BPC/BOBJ Consultant
CPG Industry
...I attended the BPC training with ***** after experimenting with other trainers and found he is extremely talented on product side as well as hands-on experience.I would strongly recommend others who wants to gain BPC product knowledge and become good consultant...
Suresh Addagiri
SAP Finance consultant
Accenture - USA
...DeepSphere training helped me to participate a successful SAP implementation project for IBM Global Services client. Recently, I came back to ***** again - this time for my SAP BPC training.

After completing two trainings within a two years period, I can confidently say that *****'s expertise are unparalleled in the areas of SAP BI and BPC training. He confidently shares with his students his experience of multiple full cycle implementations with major companies. His teaching style is very practical and hands-on. He works very hard to ensure that not only his students acquire the needed skills but also offers post-training support to his students so that they can launch/excel in their career in the newly acquired SAP arena.
Sach Sachchidanand, MBA, PMP
Project Manager - SAP BI/BPC
IBM Global Services
...DeepSphere training for SAP BPC is excellent and exemplary.It fosters real time environment and scenarios to succeed in job.The faculty (*****) is exceptional in knowledge and experience.I can vouch without any hesitation and second thought.
kris koduru
SAP BPC Consultant
Accenture - USA
DeepSphere training and motivation helped me to get certified and transition my career path to Strategic Enterprise Management and ultimately get a job with Big 5 Consulting company
Paul King
SAP SEM Consultant
Recently, I had an opportunity to attend to the SAP SEM, BI and IP class conducted by *****/DeepSphere.
The important highlights about the training are:
  • Extensive coverage of the subjects including ABAP lessons related to BI
  • All aspects were very well explained.
  • Great handout with exercises, quizzes and business scenarios
  • Well paced
  • Knowledgeable, patient, ***** gave exact directions in simple language - easy to understand and follow
  • Instructor is very well informed and presented material in an excellent fashion.
I highly recommend the courses conducted by DeepSphere to anybody who wants to build up a lucrative career in SAP. The courses are hands-on, cost effective and up-to-date.
Bansidar R. Gunnia
Senior SAP Consultant
Accenture USA
Although I had read materials about careers in ERP, DeepSphere firsthand knowledge was helpful in giving me a deeper understanding of the field and also helped address some of my special interests. Discussions of the various options and hands on projects were reassuring, and helped me to gain the confidence I needed to perform the work. Again, thank you I will seek training from DeepSphere again.
Charity Munene
Systems Analyst
IBM Global Technology Services
I gained so much from the training at DeepSphere. The instruction and labs provided a wealth of experience that can only be acquired if I had work in each industry personally. The classroom participation and real world scenarios and project exercises has proven to be invaluable exposure that has benefited me well during the interview process and on the job. The instructors there really work to help you grasp the material. I am truly grateful to the DeepSphere staff for their commitment and continual support to helping me succeed.
Senior SAP Basis Engineer
I started out not having any knowledge of SAP but had a strong desire to learn SAP. You can say that I am not "technical" in any way. The natural choice for a Chartered Accountant, as everyone would say, would be doing a course in the Finance and Controlling modules of SAP. This provides users with knowledge of the SAP front-end. The course that I am currently taking provides a strong foundation in using data for generating MIS reports. As a CA, I feel that having the expertise to use tools and to perform financial consolidation and planning is better than being able to perform data entry."

"I currently work as an IT auditor and I can say that after this course, I will be better equipped at performing an IT audit over SAP. However, the reason I selected this course was to acquire a new skill, whereby I could use my knowledge as a CA and use them with the knowledge of these tools to grow professionally. I have never felt like the course was getting ahead of me or getting too technical. He has delivered on everything he promised, including why this course is best suited for my background.

Nachiket Dandige, CA
Senior Auditor
... It was really an excellent, meticulously planned to include state of the art topics and a very well organized training curriculum for SAP ..*****, I was impressed by the practicality and clarity of your presentations ... impressed with the way you involved each member of the group according to their stage of development ... learned a great deal from my fellow participants as we discussed the material you presented. Thanks a lot to DeepSphere for the support and help in assisting me to gain entry into the world of SAP. I highly recommend the courses conducted by DeepSphere to anybody planning to build a career in SAP
Prabhu Kodeboina
SAP Consultant
I am extremely happy that I found your training to enhance not just my SAP NetWeaver BI skills but also have the opportunity to participate in the session with highly talented working professionals, industry experts, and also fresh graduates. Net result, I landed in a job with one of the leading world class Business Intelligence software vendors. I am very happy that I do not have to see any more ineffective and dingy training places.
Kedar Kotha
Senior Program Manager - EPM Practice
This note is to personally thank you for a well organized training that I completed with your school in January, 2008 . This training has really helped me in my new engagement although I have started this new assignment before I joined your class, I would not have functioned at all without your class.
The exposure to the SAP NetWeaver 2004's is awesome which is what my company is currently using right now. The course handout I received is the best I have ever seen and your method of Power Point is phenomenon.
The most of all is the on job support I am current benefiting from one of your past students. This is really helping me and has resolved a lot of issues for me
Timi Jones
SAP NetWeaver Architect
Georgia County Department
I have received SAP training from many sources but DeepSphere has provided me the most complete and thorough professional training that I needed to be able to deliver professional SAP Consulting Services to my clients. Most other training providers claim they offer the best in training and placement consulting. DeepSphere has delivered on what others have only claimed..The Instructors at DeepSphere provide the in depth training that a consultant needs to be able to perform at a client site with confidence and clarity"

"The Lab Manuals created by DeepSphere walk through step by step on how to carry out various tasks and they make learning a whole lot easier. I don't know any other SAP trainer that provides simple Lab Manuals of their own. Most trainers give you the 500 - 600 page SAP Course Materials and ask you to learn and practice on your own. DeepSphere goes the extra mile and gives you step by step instructions with screen shots and how to go about each individual task. ...This has been my personal experience with DeepSphere Training.

Murugan Padmanabhan.
SAP BI Consultant
MyITGroup, Inc.
DeepSphere faculty help you learn at your speed, while always challenging you to extend yourself. I can now review every project as a business manager, and create the right solutions for the organization to emerge as a leader… and in that, become a leader myself.
Imran Bumbia
Senior SAP SEM-BW Architect
British Petroleum
I am writing this note to express my gratitude for the SAP BW 3.5 and BI 7.0 courses which you masterfully taught. Indeed I can easily say that DeepSphere is an exceptional gem in the plethora of training institutions proliferating daily on the Internet. Your clear explanations of the subjects and the exercises I personally experienced are key points and factors that decisively delineate you from others, and help me daily in my job. Know that I will not hesitate a single second to recommend DeepSphere to my friends and colleagues. Thank you very much for all your diligence and keep up the exceptional work.
Roger Kodjo
*****, I finally got a break. Thanks for all the training and valuable inputs given by you. Please find the attachment of the questions asked in the interview.
Suresh Kumar Pasupuleti
SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 Solutions Consultant
I would like to thank you and all the participants in the class for making the class so interactive, knowledge sharing and much more. The class was really great and I enjoyed a lot. I will like to bring that, so far since 1.5 years, this is my fourth SAP class and no one has spent more than 4 weeks i.e. 40 hr on each course. And especially the BW class I took before, about 40% of the topics that you covered were not even mentioned to us in my previous BW class that I learned all by my self at work and in your class. Thanks a lot again for your training and motivation.
Santosh Chintha
Sap BI Architect
Kindred Healthcare
I got that full time job with Boston Scientific Corporation; I am responsible for process improvements / implementation of FI, MM, and BI reporting. Little later CRM implementation also, Thanks for your guidance and the training!
Sam Joseph
SAP SD, MM and BI Consultant
Boston Scientific Corporation
Working as a Business Analytics Consultant in different IT companies required me to have a strong knowledge about ERP Package Software and Business Intelligent Architecture. DeepSphere has helped me to improve my understanding and analytical skill for both areas.
Ricky Hwang
SAP Business Analytics Consultant
First, I would like to thank you for outstanding level of knowledge provided the profession manner in which it was Communicated, your commitment and your unrelenting support, next, would like to thank the other members of Your team who were involved in teaching and make this course a grand success
Senthil Subash
Project Manager - SAP HR
Big 5 Consulting
To *****, I got a project. The status on the one you provided reference for is still unknown, so I accepted this opportunity. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for all the help and the outstanding training you have provided. Not only the training, but as I mentioned several times, your readiness to help me with other issues is very greatly appreciated. I don't think anybody else would have taken a personal interest in their students' success like you have.
Karthik Reddy
SAP NetWeaver BI Solutions Consultant
Thank you very much *****. I wouldn't have been able to do it without your help. Your classes and study materials went a long way in boosting my confidence in NetWeaver and ultimately leading to a successful certification. Over the last three months, you have guided me very well through the process
Deepak Kamaraj
SAP NetWeaver Consultant
Thanks a lot for everything. It was a very good (and different) experience for me. I appreciate a lot the Time and energy you spend to make sure that everyone in the class understands the stuff you are talking about. With reference to class, I for sure, got more than I thought and paid. You exceed my expectations. *****, once again, I appreciate a lot for your time and efforts. Please let me know if I can be helpful by any means. Also, please feel free to pass my email (faheem.ismat@gamil.com) and phone number (832-423-4224) to any future student."
Faheem Ismat
Project Manager - General BI
I am absolutely thankful for the excellent SAP NetWeaver BI training you have given to us. In my opinion, you have the best training to offer and you have the heart to teach the subject. You are passionate and committed to excel in what you do. Along with the training, I have learned so many things by observing your thought process. I thank God for the opportunity to learn SAP NW BI and for the best source I learned from. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and pouring your heart while teaching the classes. We are Thankful for your guidance and your desire to see us succeed. I am completely confident that, with God's grace and with your guidance and blessings we will be very successful in our SAP NetWeaver BI career.
Sekhar Gurugubelli
Sap ABAP and BI Consultant
Thank you for your appreciation of us, the class. You are compassionate and kind person. We, the class, also appreciate your sincere and diligent contributions and efforts in teaching us what you know. You are profoundly knowledgeable in your field. Your concern and affection for us to attain excellence in BI/BW is also profound too. I, as one of your class participants, and we, the other participants, wish that you yourself excel in your position, and help us excel in BW/BI."

"We also recommend that you place us in gainful and prosperous employment where we can be rewarded with better appreciation and remuneration, you informed us that you have done so in the past and that you shall do that with us now. We wish and request that you help us accomplish that goal in excellence. We know that you can and shall do so with excellence. Finally, we consider you as our brother who shall nourish and help us in our need."

We, the class, on my behalf, thank you for your help and contributions.
Aktar Huda
Project Manager

To be specific, have good understanding about pre-calculated template, BW alert, LO cockpit and its setup tables, Exception, Condition, Time dependent/independent Navigational attributes/Hierarchies (from modeling), list web Items, security components (S_RS_COMP & S_RS_COMP1) and Data slice. In general, if you have understood the entire concept in *****'s class, then it would be a cake walk. Thanks ***** for all your effort in providing the best that you can to succeed in SAP BI certification.
Sankar Janakiraman
Director - SAP BI Practice
Top "5" SAP Consulting Firm
What I found exceptional about DeepSphere training was extensive discussion on 'real world' scenarios after covering technical topics. The areas covered within BW course prepare the attendees for a well rounded SAP professional, enabling him/her to resolve business challenges in a datawarehouse environment.
Amir M. Baig
Project Manager
Gibralter Information Technologies, Inc.
I would like to thank ***** for his exceptional coaching and his in-depth SAP knowledge - both practical and Theoretical - in clearing all of our issues/questions/concerns and doubts. *****, you are truly inspirational and Awesome - keep up the good work. As ***** said "there is no substitute for hard work" - if you work hard in addition to his coaching, then passing the exam, in my opinion, is a piece of cake.
Mani Manickavelu
Project Manager/Lead
What I found exceptional about DeepSphere training was extensive discussion on 'real world' Scenarios after covering technical topics, the areas covered within BW course prepare the attendees For a well rounded SAP professional, enabling him/her to resolve business challenges in a Data warehouse environment
Anil Luthra
Project Manager
...SAP classes have been very well organized, structured, timely and flexible to accommodate students keeping in mind their professional schedules at work. Very prompt in the technical issue resolution. As a teacher, a friend and a guide, ***** has provided his practical experiences in the industry and career guidance that has been helpful to me in making decisions towards the tasks that I may pick up in the Industry
Jayashri Sareen
Booz Allen Hamilton.
Best SAP-BPC Training, ***** as a Trainer "I took SAP-BPC training in SAP-America Training Center, both CPM 310 and 320, it cost me USD 12,000.00. Trainers were in experienced, never worked on a BPC-Project and had no real-time experience in BPC and never taught Consolidation.
I joined *****'s BPC-training program and I am learned, what exactly I need to learn to get a job which really pays well, a lot more than I make now.
I recommend anyone with suitable background to join *****'s Training program.
Any question, contact me @ kris@sapmanager.com
Kris Marksteiner
SAP Certified System Integrator & DFPS Consultant
I am attending SAP BPC training conducted by *****. My experience here has been :
1. The first screen which says Learn and Lead is what his Objective is here.
2. He teaches not just the tool but the business scenario behind it i.e. the Why behind every concept. No other SAP training I have attended has done that.
3. He is very patient and meticulous in his teaching.
4 Very vey prompt in replying to concerns and questions.
5 You get a chance to work on a real time project.
I can honestly say he goes above and beyond to help you reach your career goals. I am looking forward to completing this training and increase my skill set by attending other oppurtunities at DeepSphere too.
Ritu, Charted Accountent
SAP Consultant
Having worked in FICO,BPS,BI-IP for reputed companies, I am very much impressed by *****'s real time BPC skills. Particularly the way he teaches conceptual design and configuration skills which no one teaches in the BPC world (not even at SAP). DeepSphere training is a real breakthrough for anyone who wants to get hands on in BPC. I am saying this confidently after assessing couple of BPC trainers until recently. No doubt it is a real value for money."

I would recommend DeepSphere training to my colleagues and friends in UK, not just I want to recommend them, but I am sure they will really benefit out of the training if someone has got mind to apply what they teach at DeepSphere.
FICO, BPS,BI-IP Freelance consultant.
UK 0044-7875761592
The faint light of the guide in that dark cave, in my above analogy, will be a "bright" light in your mind when ***** teaches(b) The muffled /eerie sound of uncertain footfalls will be a "clear sound of encouragement" and a "clear sense of clarity" will prevail when you attend his classes in BW/BI/SAP/SAP BPC etc (c) A teacher can only do his best to clarify all doubts, clear-off the cob-webs on concepts, but if one does not practice and make mistakes, clarity then leads to bewilderment and in turn frustration. *****'s ability to teach students effectively, puts to rest any confusion, dispenses away fears, and builds immense confidence. (d) *****'s is so effective in delivering classes over the Web, that it is 100 time far better than regular classroom sessions held in brick and mortar surroundings. *****: Keep up the great work and my salutations to you
Andy Sherman
SAP EPM (BPC/BI/BOBJ) Freelancer
....the way you have conducted the training is very impressive and I found you more of a coach than trainer. Your approach to ensure that we are not only trained but successful is the key.

It is an honor to be a part of your class.
Manoj Melhotra
SAP FICO/BPC - Project Manager
Certified in Cost Accounting
Certified in SAP CO

Our SAP BPC Consolidation Demo Ranked as #1 in LinkedIn: "SAP BPC Consolidation (end to-end) Solutions Demo " is being talked about on LinkedIn more than anything else on SlideShare right now. So we've put it on the homepage of SlideShare.net (in the "Hot on LinkedIn" section).


Well done!
SlideShare Team
Jothi...I just heard from IBM and Booz Allen that the interviews went very well and they are moving forward with my application.I am very glad to share the news with you. Without your help I wouldn't have been able to get through this successfully. Even after completing the class you still kept in close touch and guided me through every phase of my progress.This kind of commitment from the start to finish is what makes this training program a unique one that you cannot expect from any where else..."

Thanks so much for all your help through out this process.
SAP Certified Application Associate - BPC NW 7.5
SAP EPM Solutions Lead
...It is with great pleasure to inform you that I have accepted a contract position in NY as a BPC consultant. It's a consolidation project. Thanks for being one of my references for all the phone calls and emails that you received. My most sincere thanks to you for your help and support..."

Thanks Again
SAP EPM/BPC Consultant