Experience How AI is Applied in Real-World Financial Accounting

AI Test Drive for Enterprise Users

Business Goals:

Apply Artificial Intelligence in financial close processes and intelligently automate the accounting rules to instantly close financial books and disclose financial statements.

Select Data

Extract Financial Data From SAP
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Run Model

Run AI Model One
Model One Objective: Balance sheet validation: predict whether the given financial transaction is valid or invalid.
Run AI Model Two
Model Two Objective: Within the given transactions, identify which ones are intercompany transactions.
Run AI Model Three
Model Three Objective: Match buyer and seller intercompany transactions simultaneously. For every AP transaction, identify and pair its corresponding AP transaction.
Run AI Model Four
Model Four Objective: Determine if booking/entry transaction amounts between buyer and seller.
Run AI Model Five
Model Five Objective: Eliminate the intercompany transactions (reverse the intercompany transactions) to bring the transaction amount to zero.
Run all Financial Close Processess